Nolan Perry

Why We Give

By Nolan Perry

One of the first classes I sat in as an undergraduate was the School of Business’s New Student Forum, designed to aid students in becoming the best student they could be. Little did I know that this seemingly introductory course would stick with me through law school, through starting a business and through leading two non-profit organizations. It was during a “strengths” quiz in this course that I recognized my passion for building connections.

As I reflect on the relationships I have built as the board chair for the Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce and Carolina Charter Academy and as a business owner, I recognize that we are all part of a web of communities. Our communities could be our occupation, volunteer service, church group, friend group — but we are the catalyst that connects them all together. One of my favorite communities that seems to permeate all my other networks, is my Campbell family. Almost every worthwhile opportunity I have had is connected back to Campbell University.

This is why since graduation, I have made an effort to give back to my Campbell community. As a graduate of the Trust and Wealth Management program, when I think about maximizing my support of Campbell, planned giving jumps to the forefront of my mind.

We often think of planned giving as something we do at retirement; however, as an attorney I see that estate planning is crucial for those starting their career and family. Setting up a a whole life insurance policy with Campbell as the beneficiary would allow me to give money that may not be tangibly available to me now. By gifting the policy, I could donate my annual premium payments to the university making them tax deductible.

I would love for the young professionals among our alumni to connect back with the alma mater we all love. Whether that be in the form of time and talent, or as time becomes more precious in the form of financial support, we make Campbell a stronger institution and allow it to continue to open up opportunities for us.