Dawn Easley

Head women’s lacrosse coach

Entering her 10th season at Campbell, Dawn Easley balances the responsibilities of raising three kids and developing a lacrosse program.

“The goal is to set the example because [my  players] want to know, what does that road even look like,” said Easley. “I do know that through a lot of sacrifice and prayer, God has put me here, and that he wants me here.”

In women’s college lacrosse, the average age of a coaching staff traditionally trends younger as more coaches leave the business to enter the working world or raise a family. That work-life balance was put to the test during the spring of 2021 when Easley delivered her third child, Ryleigh, hours before an upcoming match.

Easley relied heavily on her two assistant coaches along with her husband, Joe, to step up and fill the void. She wanted to be strong — both as a mother and a leader — eventually returning to the sidelines within days of leaving the hospital.

“I had players who understood the challenges and I think when you face challenging adversities, people really surprise you and step up.”

Family is the No. 1 priority for Easley — both her family at home and the young women she’s raising at Barker-Lane Stadium with Campbell Lacrosse.